Effective June 27, 2021


  1. Facial coverings are optional for fully vaccinated guests.Guests that are not vaccinated or have not passed the timeframe required to be considered fully vaccinated, facial coverings must be worn anytime you are outside of your room.The exceptions are when you are seated in the dining room to eat, or you are outside and not within 6 feet of anyone not in your party.

  2. Contactless check-in:  You may arrive any time after 4PM.  When you arrive at the Inn there will be a note on the front door welcoming you to the Inn.  Your door code will have been emailed to you prior to your arrival.  If you do not know your door code, a hint of what it is will be on the note and highlighted.  Once you arrive, please head up to your room and get settled.  If you should need anything during your stay, please do one of the following:

    • Text (preferred and easiest) or call 360-228-2040; or

    • Utilize the inn keeper call button located in the living room by the dining room door.

  3. Room fees are charged prior to your arrival.If there are any outstanding fees, the Inn Keeper will make you aware of this and a time to settle the charges will be worked out or an email with a link to a web-based payment system will be sent.

  4.   Breakfast will be schedule based on the room.  The peg board with tags for the available breakfast times is to the left of the dining room doors.  Just take a time tag and hang it next to your room name.  If you have more than 1 room, you can all eat at the same time.  Breakfast can always be taken to your room to enjoy on your balcony, or you may eat outside.  Dishes just need to be returned to a grey tub.  Also, if you are leaving us prior to the start of breakfast, please send a text to the number above and let us know.  We will come up with a plan or have items available to go for you.

  5. Check out:  Check out time is no later than 11am.  All fees are paid in advance, so you may just close your room door and head out to enjoy a wonderful day on the island or catch your ferry back to the mainland.

  6. Upstairs coffee and fridge are available.There are plastic cups for cold drinks and paper cups for hot drinks.The fridge is available to everyone, so please remember to take your items with you when you check-out.

  7. BNB staff will not go into guest rooms after they have checked in, except in an emergency.If you are staying multiple nights and would like to exchange towels or have a change in bed linens, let us know.We will deliver the items to you, but you would need to change the linens yourself.