Rates are based on double occupancy.

2.1 May-September = Pelican and Egret will have a 2-night minimum stay requirement, unless there is a single night available between 2 (two) reservations. (Occasionally Walrus will have minimum night requirements due to cleaning and other circumstances)

Guests allowing more people than the listed capacity in a room may result in section 23 (Termination) of the policies being enacted and/or up to a $200 fee. Exceeding capacity is a violation of the San Juan County Licensing and puts the BNB at risk, not to mention the capacities were developed with life safety and sanitation rules and guidelines. The BNB does not condone nor allow exceeding occupancy limits, however, will solely determine if section 23 and/or a fee will be enacted, based on the circumstances. Section 22 (FINES/FEES) may also be enacted if the BNB is fined by an authority for capacity related issues.
Capacity of the rooms are as follows:
a. Pelican = 2
b. Egret = 2
c. Walrus = 2


4.1 Check in time is any time AFTER 4pm. Early check in is not available.


4.2 If you plan to arrive after 9pm, it is no problem but please email or call to let us know.

4.3 Check-in is contactless. There is no formal check-in process, as the reservations are pre-paid. A note will be attached to the front door with information. Your door code is emailed (or sent via a “message” to you if you utilized a 3rd party travel service) to you prior to your arrival. If you should have any problems, push the doorbell button and someone will help you remotely. Once inside, please feel free to make yourself at home. The living room is available for you to use, and the TV remote and instructions are located on one of the living room tables. Games are available in the cabinets in the dining room. Any COVID related mandates will be displayed on signs.

4.4 All guests MUST supply the following information: full name, phone number (prefer mobile), and your direct email address. While this is automatic for guests using orcasblueheron.com, it is not for third party users. The email address supplied by your third-party booking system is not sufficient, as it requires the third party to forward emails to you, which they do not do reliably. A guest will be requested to furnish this information and will have 3 days to supply it, or the reservation may be refused.

5.1 Check out time is 11am or earlier. Late check out is not available.


A reservation is considered abandoned if a guest does not check in prior to 11:59pm on the first night of their reservation. If a reservation is considered abandoned, the guest has no further right to their room and has forfeited all monies paid to the BNB. No refunds will be issued. On multi-night reservations, the abandonment also applies to ALL further nights of the reservation.
If a guest has made email or phone contact with the BNB prior to 11:59pm and have also received acknowledgement back from the BNB, based on the circumstances, their reservation won’t be considered abandoned.


Children 12 years and older are welcome. If a guest brings a child under 12, section 23 (Termination) will be enacted.


8.1 We are dog friendly. A maximum of 2 dogs per room. Dogs must be friendly, well behaved, house broken and current on all vaccines. Dogs are NOT allowed on the furniture, this includes beds. If evident that a dog was on the furniture or bed, a $50 cleaning fee will be assessed. Dogs are allowed off leash in the fenced area that is accessed through the white gate on the front porch. Dogs must always be attended to, never left alone, and guests are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. Damage caused by your dog(s) will be charged to you.


8.2 If your dog demonstrates aggressive behavior or causes injury to another dog or human on the premises, you are subject to immediate termination of your reservation and forfeit all monies paid or due.

8.3 When signing to accept the policies, you are also agreeing to the dog rules, as stated in Section 8.

8.4 Dog Fees:
$30 per night (Max. 2 dogs)


8.5 Dogs are the only animals allowed at the BNB. If a guest brings another species of animal, the animal won’t be allowed inside the facility and the guest will have to make other arrangements for the animal. Leaving the animal in a vehicle is never allowed. If a guest chooses to leave or their reservation is terminated, they will not be entitled to any refund.

The entire property is non-smoking. This includes vaping and any other type of tobacco or cannabis. If you want to smoke, vape, etc. you will need to be off the property, not just in the parking lot or yard.


10. FIRES:
10.1 No outdoor fires are allowed except for the propane fire pit.


10.2 No open flames are allowed inside the BNB, including candles.

Fireworks are NOT allowed anywhere in San Juan County.


12.1 Breakfast is available between 8am and 10am. Please choose your preferred breakfast time when you enter the BNB each day. The choices will be posted to the left of the dining room doors. The dining room will only be open during the reservation times.


12.2 Unfortunately, due to limited food supply availability on the island, special diets cannot be accommodated outside of the normal food that is prepared. If you have special needs, please feel free to bring food items with you. There is a refrigerator upstairs near the rooms for items that need to be chilled, and a microwave is available in the dining room.  Please see the menu on the website.

12.3 If you are planning to check out prior to 8am, please text us and we can come up with a to-go breakfast plan for you.

12.4 If for any reason breakfast service is cancelled, each reservation will be refunded $20 per breakfast cancelled.

13.1 Parking is available for one car per room. Please make sure you park in a manner that 3 vehicles will fit in the area provided and remain in the dirt/gravel area. DO NOT DRIVE PAST THE ORANGE CONES! You may only park in the grass if there is an overflow situation and only June-September. The grass is very muddy at other times of the year. The speed limit for the driveway and parking lot is 10 mph.


13.2 Although crime is rare on Orcas Island, you are parking at your own risk. Please remember to lock your car doors.

13.3 A Level 2 electric vehicle charger is available for use. Cost of the service is $.33 kWh with a minimum charge of $5.00. If you want to use the charger, please park in the left most parking spot.

13.3.1 Use of the electric vehicle charger is at the guest’s own risk and the Blue Heron is not liable for any problems, damage or any type of loss incurred by use of the charger.

14.1 Due to insurance requirements, the kitchen is accessible by employees only.


14.2 We are unable to provide laundry services for guests. There is a laundromat available at the Country Corner Store in Eastsound.

14.3 A mini fridge and coffee maker are provided upstairs for guest use. A microwave is available for guest use in the dining room.

15. ICE:
Ice is available in the freezer section of the upstairs mini-fridge.


16.1 The dock across the street is private. Please do not walk onto it.


16.2 Public access to the beach is available at the public dock, which is located approximately 200 feet east of Crow Valley Rd on Deer Harbor Rd. It is the wooden dock visible from the BNB. There are stairs next to the dock, and the beach is accessible during low tide.

17.1 Please take care of our home and property. You are responsible and liable for any breakage or damages which you cause to the accommodation or its contents. Please report these as soon as they occur especially if you accidentally spill something – it is much easier to clean if we know what it is and act quickly. We do not normally charge for breakage, but we reserve the right to charge for repair or making good if the damage is significant. (Refer to 22.5 and 22.6)


17.2 Makeup removers and black makeup towels are provided for your use. Makeup is difficult and sometimes impossible to remove from the white towels and linens. If you need more makeup removers or makeup towels, please ask. Makeup damage to white towels and linens will be charged to the guest at replacement cost. (Refer to 22.6)

17.3 San Juan County has strict noise ordinances, therefore, any noise audible outdoors with the potential to disturb neighbors is prohibited after 9 p.m. No use shall be made of equipment or material, which produces unreasonable vibration, noise, dust, smoke, odor, or electrical interference to the detriment of any adjoining property. Quiet time inside the BNB starts at 10pm. If you are using the TV in the living room, please lower the volume to a minimum as to not disturb other guests.

18.1 Please dispose of all garbage in proper garbage receptacles, whether this be inside or outside. Recycling can be left in the grey bussing tubs located upstairs under the coffee maker or in the dining room near the coffee bar. If it is a large item, just leave it in your room or next to the garbage upstairs near the coffee maker.


18.2 Please do not empty your car garbage into the BNB’s garbage cans. Garbage is very expensive for us to dispose of, and we would appreciate your cooperation. There are receptacles at the ferry landing if you want to drop it before you catch a ferry.

Please remember we have limited resources on the island. Do not leave water running when not
necessary (while brushing teeth, long showers etc.). Please do not waste our water resources! We appreciate your effort to help maintain our limited supply. Water conservation and posting of the need to conserve is required by San Juan County.


If you happen to forget something when you leave, contact the BNB and we will attempt to locate it. If it is found, we are happy to return it to you, postage will be at your expense. We will hold onto items for a maximum of 7 days.


You are agreeing to abide by all rules, policies, signage, directions and staff requests by booking your stay at the Blue Heron, whether this be by: phone, email, orcasblueheron.com, a third-party website or by another party (i.e. business booking a stay for an employee or contractor).  You also must sign the acceptance of the policies sent by the reservation system.


22.1 If at any time, the Blue Heron is issued a fine because of guest negligence or a guest’s failure to follow a policy, that guest will be billed 200% the amount of the fine. This is to cover the payment of the fine and all administrative time required to fulfill the issue with the authority.


22.2 Accounts that have not been paid 7 days post check in date will accrue a $25 per day delinquency fee. Accounts that are still unpaid at 21 days post check in date will be handed over to a collection agency.

22.3 We pride ourselves on the high standards at which we maintain our bookkeeping and billing functions. If an error was made on our part, we are going to admit the mistake and repair it.

22.4 If a credit card dispute is filed and the credit card company rules in our favor, the reservation will accumulate the same $25 day delinquency fee as stated in 22.2 beginning on the date notification of the dispute is received and will continue through the day that we are notified that the outcome is in our favor. These fees compensate the business for the time and effort the business is required to supply to the process. If payment is not received in 10 days, the account will be turned over to a collection agency, daily delinquent fees will resume and any charges by the collection agency will be added.
If the results of the credit card dispute are in favor of the guest, the account will be adjusted to a $0 balance.


22.5 Excess Cleaning Fees: These fees will be charged to the guest if their room(s) are found to be in poor condition upon check-out. It is the sole judgment of the BNB in whether these fees will be charged and how much the fees will be. The fees will be added to the guest’s bill and emailed to them. If the bill is not paid within 48 hours, then the credit card on file will be charged the amount due and a receipt sent via email to the guest.
*Excess Cleaning Fee: $25 and up
*Bio-Hazard Cleaning: $100 and up


22.5.1 If a professional service is required to mitigate the issue, the causing guest will be billed for the cost of the service plus 50%, plus any lost days of room availability at the highest rate possible. If a
different guest must be re-booked into another lodging facility, the causing guest will be billed for the total amount of the re-booking.


22.6 Replacement of Items:
- Damaged, destroyed or missing bath towels or bathmats: $25 (each)
- Damaged, destroyed or missing hand towels: $10 (each)
- Damaged, destroyed or missing wash cloths: $5 (each)
- Damaged, destroyed or missing bathroom rugs: $40 (each)
- Damaged, destroyed or missing room rug (Egret): $100 (each)
- Damaged, destroyed or missing room rug (Pelican): $150 (each)
- Damaged, destroyed or missing bed spread: $100 (each)
- Damaged, destroyed or missing sheets: $75 (each)
- Damaged, destroyed or missing pillowcases: $30 (each)
- Damaged, destroyed or missing shams: $50 (each)
-All other items damaged, destroyed or missing will be at replacement cost + 25% (each)


Blue Heron Bed & Breakfast reserves the right, at its discretion, to terminate, without notice, any individual’s stay when deemed necessary through unacceptable behavior, actions which are likely to endanger or offend others, or violation of these policies. In such circumstances, any outstanding account must be settled, and no refunds will be made. Outstanding balances and/or future fine(s) received by the BNB due to the guest will result in the guest being subject to the details in section 22 (FINES/FEES).


24. WI-FI:
Wi-Fi is available for guest use, and the password is available in each room. Signing onto the Wi-Fi is your agreement that you will not use the service for ANY illegal activity or purpose.


25.1 Reservations made through orcasblueheron.com:


25.1.1 Flexible Rates: Flexible rates may be cancelled 15+ days prior to your arrival date with a 20% cancellation fee. 14 days or less are NOT refundable, however if we are able to re-book the room, we will issue a refund, minus a 25% service fee. (Example: If you have a 2-night stay, and we are able to re-book one night, you will get 75% of the one night refunded) One date change is allowed 7 or more days prior to your arrival and is subject to rate increases. All reservations booked on January 15, 2022 and prior are flexible rates.

25.1.2 Non-Refundable Rates: Non-refundable reservations are not eligible for: ANY refund, date changes or reservation credit. Non-refundable rates are exempt from 25.1.4, 25.1.5, and 25.1.6. If rule 25.3 applies, only a reservation credit valid for 1 year will be issued. No refunds.

25.1.3 Ultimate Rates: Ultimate allows for a cancellation until 12 noon (Pacific Time) the day before your arrival with a 30% cancellation fee. One date change is allowed 7 or more days prior to your arrival and is subject to rate increases. If you cancel after the cut-off you are not eligible for a refund for any reason. Cancellation must be submitted by email to info@orcasblueheron.com and be acknowledged by the Blue Heron. If rule 25.3 applies, only a reservation credit valid for 1 year will be issued. No refunds.

25.1.4 For clarification, the day you cancel is day 0.
Cancellations add to our workload and highly impact the business, so we will follow this policy. Please do not ask for us to grant special situations or conditions for anything outside of OUR control.


25.1.5 Once you have requested a cancellation, you no longer have a reservation and have no claim to your old reservation. If you have chosen to have us attempt to re-book your room, you cannot have your reservation reinstated if your room does not sell, unless you want to re-book the room yourself at the current rates.

25.1.6 A reservation credit for future use will be at the owner’s discretion. Reservation credits will only be valid for 6 months from the date of your first original night and then forfeited. No refunds will be issued, so if your future booking is less than the credit amount, the unused funds will remain on the credit balance, and may be used for a future date. Any remaining credit balance at the original 6-month date will be forfeited. A reservation credit in the form of a gift certificate will be electronically issued to the customer that is receiving such a credit and it will detail out the dates and amount of the credit. Future reservations can be made at orcasblueheron.com and you will need to enter the code from the certificate.

25.2 Reservations made through third party (Booking.com, Expedia, etc.):

25.2.1 The cancellation policy in effect for third party sites is based on the rules you agree to at the time of booking. Refer to the confirmation you received from that travel site to see what your cancellation policy is. Some reservations are not refundable.

25.2.2 A reservation credit for future use will be at the owner’s discretion. Reservation credits will only be valid for 6 months from the date of your first original night and then forfeited. No refunds will be issued, so if your future booking is less than the credit amount, the unused funds will remain on the credit balance, and may be used for a future date. Any remaining credit balance at the original 6-month date will be forfeited. A reservation credit in the form of a gift certificate will be electronically issued to the customer that is receiving such a credit and it will detail out the dates and amount of the credit. Future reservations can be made at orcasblueheron.com and you will need to enter the code from the certificate.

25.3 COVID and other pandemic situations:
Unless an order has been made/declared that impacts the operation of the BNB, the regular cancellation policies will remain in effect for all reservations.
If an order is made that impacts a guest’s travel from their “home location” or at the BNB location:
-If it occurs prior to the normal cancellation cut-off’s, refer to those rules.
-If it occurs after the cancellation cut-off, the BNB will either issue a reservation credit which will be valid for 1 year (versus the normal 6 months) or refund the customer minus the 20% cancellation fee. The order in effect will be confirmed prior to any refund or credit.
-If reservation was made via a third party, the rules may vary based on the third party, and the outcome will be determined at the time based on the third parties policy.
-This is only for orders made to the public, this doesn’t include testing positive for COVID (or other pandemic declared virus) or are having to quarantine due to exposure. If you test positive or are in quarantine, these will follow the normal cancellation policy or if you purchased a "Worry Free Booking" on orcasblueheron.com, you must follow the instructions in the terms and conditions.  The BNB can not cancel your Worry Free Booking (within 14 days of your stay) or process the claim, you must do that.
-It is your responsibility to make sure that reservations are either cancelled or modified. Do not assume the BNB will make a change or refund. Oversights by the guest are not the problem of the BNB.
**Note: Advisories are not considered orders.


25.4 Cancellation by the BNB:
If, prior to your arrival, we must cancel your reservation:
-Notify you as soon as we know of the cancellation
-Issue a 100% refund or a reservation credit (some of the above restrictions will be waived, owner will advise)
-At your request, attempt to find availability at a different property on Orcas Island and if found, provide you with contact information for that property.
Our liability will not extend above what is indicated above, including those that have reservations through a third-party booking agency (Booking.com, Expedia, etc.)


We do not accept any liability for any damage, loss, or injury to any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves or our employees whilst acting in the course of their employment.


If you need anything, please feel free to text the inn keeper (360-228-2040 or 360-504-4034) or you can push the inn keeper call button to the left of the dining room doors.


Travel agents and TPRM’s (i.e. an employer making a reservation for an employee) may only make reservations on behalf of their clients/employees after prior EMAIL contact with the BNB (info@orcasblueheron.com). Reservations made by travel agents/TPRM’s prior to making contact will either be refused, or they will have to agree to terms specified. If a travel agent/TPRM makes a non-refundable reservation and their reservation is refused due to failure of prior contact, they are subject to forfeit of funds. Travel agents/TPRM’s shall, at the minimum, comply with Policy 4.4. The email address and cell phone number that will be supplied MUST be direct to the guest, not the travel agent/TPRM