Winter on Orcas Island

1) It is easy to get a table at any restaurant and the service is usually a lot more relaxed and on point. Also the ferry lines are less competitive and in general just more pleasant.

2) The trail heads are often empty leaving the magical views and forrest for you alone to explore.

3) The moody weather is inticing to watch almost playing out like a movie drama each day. The fog can be so beautiful and misterious on a calm winter morning.

4) Locals are super friendly in the winter not just because they probably need your business but also they probably are just hard up for some human interaction and a good conversation.

5) You can get really good lodging rates in the winter at awesome places like the Blue Heron and other lodging accommodations on Orcas Island. 

6) There is actually a lot going on still through out the winter. Maybe it's the amount of local parties that has me feeling that way but there is also many events and live music to enjoy.

7) All the large unique liveaboard boats come in for the winter making it a fun time to walk the Deer Harbor docks and check out the sights.

8) The days are short which really maximizes cozy time. Which usually means. Sitting by a crackling fire, board games, or movies on the large projector screen.

9) Everything is so green and vibrant yet the grass doesn't grow so outside time is uasually spent exploring with the boys rather then doing yard work.

10) We have lots of family time and time for planning what fun improvements we can do in the coming year! We have lots of ideas to make the Blue Heron an even more awesome lodging establishment here on Orcas Island.

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